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  • - Lifelong learning UK
    LLUK (Lifelong Learning UK) has replaced FENTO. FENTO was one of 73 UK-wide National Training Organisations (NTOs) established to promote competitiveness by raising education and training standards in the industries and occupations they represent. It was the national leadership body responsible for the development, quality assurance and promotion of national standards in the FE sector.
  • - Basic Skills Agency
    The Basic Skills Agency is the national agency for basic skills in England and Wales and is supported by the Government. The site contains information about the Agency, along with basic skills news and events and details of programmes on offer.
  • - Training Adult Literacy, ESOL and Numeracy Teachers
    Talent stands for Training Adult Literacy, ESOL and Numeracy Teachers. Talent East is the consortium that covers the London East area and its headquarters are based at the PDC at Tower Hamlets College. The website contains teaching & learning materials, guidance on professional developments, news and job opportunities.
  • - NIACE
    NIACE has a particular concern for widening access to learning opportunities and increasing participation among those groups currently under represented in education and training. It works in all fields of UK education and training.
  • - Skillswise
    The BBC Skillswise site has lots of resources. The "In the News" section is particularly good.
Traning Basic Skills Teachers - A Comenius 2.1 Project