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List of European websites for literacy
  • literacy core curriculum
    This is an electronic version of the core curriculum that also covers Access for All. Simply enter
    in a skills descripter (e.g. spelling) and you'll be given all the relevent curriculum references
    with sample activities and further guidance. Saves hours of ploughing through the hard copies!
  • English
    Some tutors have been finding the "Teaching English" website (from the British Council and the BBC)
    useful for teaching ideas. There are ideas on teaching, tips, lesson plans and a downloads area
  • Write Plus
    Part of the DfES website, aims to be the main source of information and advice
    on all aspects of implementing Skills for Life





EAEA (European Association for Education of Adults)

  • Website:
    This is the site for EAEA – European Association for Education of Adults. The specific link here leads to a page; if you scroll down to the bottom of this, there are links to training of trainers web resources, e.g. European language network.

History of ABE (adult basic education)

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