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Lewisham College
Pizza Pursuit
This is a form of the game Trivial Pursuit, and can be used for revision - teachers/trainers need to select their own questions for the game.
The materials below have been used for teacher training sessions relating to probability. The materials can also be used for teaching students. The session plan gives details of how they were used in the overall session. The first document, probability scale numbers, could be used with students in reply to questions such as: 'What is the probability that the sun will rise each morning?' or 'What is the probability of you having lunch at 1pm today?'. The second document has a similar function but uses images to set the scene: again, students could put these pictures in order of their probability of occurring. The third document relates probability in terms of words: one way of using this is for students to arrange the terms on the scale. This could also be done using string.
Masaryk University in Brno
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