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IAL-FVG, Italy
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Dino del Savio - Project leader at IAL
Dino has been working in IAL FVG for 26 years. He started as a teacher for young people. Since then he has been involved as Projects Leader in international projects, such as European Youth Start project (where the aim was to improve the quality of developing training strategies and methodologies, tools for teachers, training of trainers), Latin American and East European projects (to foresee and support the cultural, social and economic processes of the territory) and National/Regional projects such as Apprenticeship.
He likes walking and scouting, and especially likes knowing places, people, thoughts and way of thinking… His personal motto is: keep on moving, keep on learning, it’s the most important thing!

Lara de Carlo
Lara has been working in IAL FVG at the e-learning centre for the past four years. She has been involved in projects and built e-tivities, on-line and in blended courses. She has also followed Community of Practice as a tutor and has taught courses for e-learning trainers. Since 1999 she has been working with the Youth Start project as tutor and teacher and with the Leonardo da Vinci project (Multimatch: a modular course to enhance key skills of transnational placement operators). She is interested in finding ways to improve adult learning methods and finding strategies and methodologies to enhance the quality of training. The Comenius project is a good and important opportunity for her.
She studied Literature at Venice University. She has some knowledge of Ancient Greek, Latin, French and English. She likes swimming, skiing, walking and has been practising karate for four years.

Giorgia Costalonga
Giorgia graduated in International Relations-Political Science from Padova-University of Padua in June 1996. In the same year, she wrote her thesis "Le Joint Venture nei paesi in via di sviluppo: strumento di cooperazione o di conflitto? Il caso delle Joint Venture italo-keniote" . It was published by "Gli Economisti Associati" of Bologna. From 1996 to 1997 she studied for a higher (masters) degree funded by the EU on "European Funds". During those years, she also studied in Brussels and Paris. From 1997 till now she has been involved in international activities – at the international department of IAL FVG (from 2002 till now) and at the institution "Lepido Rocco" in Motta di Livenza (from 1997 to 2002). In particular, she is involved in European programmes: she plans and manages activities for unemployed people or small-medium enterprises (SMEs). Inside IAL she is involved in certification, ALTE, for foreign languages such as English (with Cambridge ESOL), German (with the Goethe Institute), Italian (with Universita per Stranieri di Perugia), and Slovenian (with the University of Ljubljana). Her role in IAL is as project manager of transnational activities.
In the last three years I have written two books:

  • Indagine sul Rapporto Piccole e Medie Imprese e l' Ambiente: ISO 14000 ed EMAS", Ed. Diade PD 2000
  • Newsletter per ISES ITALIA, il Soletrecentosessantagradi, Sezione dell'International Solar Energy Society, edizione Febbraio 2003.
She has also created a CD-ROM funded by the Italian Ministry of Labour on "IL Sistema di gestione Ambientale e le SME”.

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