Differential Geometry and its Applications

July 11 - 15, 2016

Brno • Czech Republic

Satellite Conference of the 7th European Congress of Mathematics, July 18 - 22, 2016, in Berlin

 Invited Plenary Speakers 
Boris Doubrov • Minsk, Belarus Maciej Dunajski • Cambridge, UK
Iosif Krasilʹshchik • Independent University, Moscow, Russia Theodor Voronov • Manchester, UK
Laurent Manivel • Marseille, France Eugeny V. Ferapontov • Loughborough University, UK
Carlos E. Olmos• National University of Cordoba, Argentina Ulrich Pinkall • TU Berlin, Germany
Katrin Wendland • Freiburg, Germany
 Programme Committee 
J. Berndt London • A. Čap Vienna • M.G. Eastwood Adelaide • V. Cortes Hamburg •
E. Garcia Rio Santiago de Compostela • S. Gindikin Rutgers • P. Gilkey Oregon • I. Kolář Brno •
O. Kowalski Prague • J.M. Landsberg College Station, TX • F. Pedit Massachusetts •
O. Rossi Ostrava • Z. Shen Indianapolis • J. Slovák, Chair Brno • J.D. Stasheff North Carolina •
A.A. Vinogradov Emilia-Romagna •
 Local Organizing Committee 
J. Forejtová-Zhořová V. Chudáčková J. Janyška J. Slovák M. Suchomelová J. Vondra
 Parallel Programme Sections and Workshops 
Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Analysis (Berndt, Kowalski, Garcia Rio, Gilkey)
Geometric Structures and Representation Theory (Cap, Eastwood, Kolar, Slovak)
Geometry and Physics (Rossi)
Finsler Geometry (Shen)
Nonlinear PDE (Vinogradov)
The Geometry of Matrix Multiplication (Landsberg)
Progress in Surface Geometry (Pedit)

The conference is organized by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Masaryk University, together with The Association of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists, Brno branch.

The conference is supported by Elsevier. The Editorial Board meeting of the Elsevier journal
Differential Geometry and its Applications will take place during the program of the conference.

The conference is supported by Statutory city of Brno.

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DGA2016 News
The poster sessions:
The poster panels will allow the standard A1 format, which means 594 × 841 mm. Please be prepared to provide your poster not bigger than this to the conference office, preferably on Monday but not later than by Tuesday morning.
The posters in sections B and C will belong to the Tuesday poster session, while those in sections A, D, E, and G will appear on Thursday.

The list of participants and their contributions (as of June 18).

The full programme booklet.

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Upcoming Deadlines
July 10, 2016, 6pm
The DGA2016 Welcome Party
July 11, 2016, 9am
The DGA2016 opening and the first plenary talk