Central european seminar
Central European Seminar is a semi-periodic event devoted to Differential Geometry initiated by Peter Michor about 20 years ago. From a small seminar of a group of geometers in Vienna and Brno (notably Ivan Kolar, Peter Michor, their students and some more) this event has evolved to a vital meeting point of many geometers in particular from Vienna, Brno, and Prague. The representative contact persons involve Andreas Cap, Jan Slovak, Vladimir Soucek.

Brno, April 2012:

I. ChrysikosSpin structures on flag manifolds
C. ZanetGeneric 4-distributions
D. AlekseevskyCohomogenity 1 G-manifolds with invariant Kahler or Kahler-Einstein structures

CES - AmeGA Workshop in Telc, 21 - 22 October 2011:

Friday:Plenary lectures
D.SchnablSurvey on string theory
J.StovicekGrothedieck duality and derived categories

Seminar (algebra and geometry & physics separately)
Geometry & physics section
P.MichorVanishing geodesic distance for Sobolev metrics $H^s$ for $1 \leq s \leq 1/2$ on diffeomorphism groups
B.KruglikovAdvances in Tanaka theory and applications
J.NeretinMultimetric spectral problems and symmetric spaces
O.Kowalskifunctions on one complex variable and special hypersurfaces in $\mathbb{R}^4$
J.VanzuraLocally conformally symplectic structures
Algebra section
J.TrlifajLocality of restricted Drifeld vector bundles
M.MakkaiThe Gray category of locally finitely presentable 2-categories
J.BourkePie algebras in 2-categories
S.Pospisil(Co)tilting classes over commutative noetherian rings
O.RaventosModels for mapping spaces
L.VokrinekWhat do homotopy colimits satisfy?
Saturday:Plenary lectures
Seminar (algebra and geometry & physics separately)
Geometry & physics section
A.GalaevSim-holonomy and the Einstein equation
M.LyulinskiyBuilding supersymmetric metric in superspace
T.MilevOn branching laws of generalized Verma $\frak{so}(7)$-modules over $G_2$.
J.GregorovicLocal reflection spaces
M.DoubekDeformation of (curved) $A_\infty$ algebras
J.VysokyLie lagebroid perspective of Poisson-Lie sigma models
E.TanakaEinstein's general relativity in terms of Kawaguchi geometry (areal space)
T.SalacExistence of global $3$-forms on manifolds of dimension 7
Algebra section
D.ChikhladzeEnriched regular categories
M.KorbelarCommuting elements in free solvable groups
J.RodickyClass-accessible categories

CES - AmeGA Workshop in Radejov, 13 - 14 May 2011:

Friday:Plenary lectures
D.AlekseevskiAlmost Sasakian and para-Sasakian special geometries
M.MakkaiHigher dimensional categories

Seminar (algebra and geometry separately)
Geometry section
A.GalaevTwo-symmetric Lorentzian manifolds
T.WillseNurowski's conformal structure and split G_2-holonomy
Z.VlasakovaSymmetries of the CR-sub-Laplacian
Algebra section
J.BourkeHomotopy invariants and 2-categories
A.stantulescuCocategorial intervals in monoidal model categories
L.VokrinekAbsolute homotopy colimits
Saturday:Plenary lectures
L.SchwachhoferPluricomplex geometry and hyperbolic monopoles
J.RosickyEnriched categories
M.MarvanConditions for formal integrability

Mikulov, 19 - 20 Nov 2010:

ECC Meeting in Mikulov
O.KowalskiSome generalised symmetric spaces after 36 yers
L.SchwachhoferExtrinsic symmetric spaces
S.ArmstrongCollasping $S^n$ products: singular points of decomposable conformal holonomy
M.HammerlHolonomy reduction of Cartan geometries
A.CapOn normal solutions of firts BGG operators
T.MilevRoot formula - Kac subalgebras of finite type
B.JurcoNon-abelian bundle gerbes and strings
D.SaundersWhere do lower order Euler-Lagrange equations come from ?
L.KrizkaRiemannian-Hilbert correspondence for algebroid connections
A.GalaevDecomposition fo the covariant derivative of the curvature tensor of a pseudo-Kahlerian manifold
S.KryslTwisted complexes
Z.VlasakovaSymmetris of CR sub-Laplacian

Brno, June 2010:

A.GalaevOn one part of the Lorentzian curvature tensor
Van Le HongGeometry & computentional complexity
S.VerpoortEqui-affine curvature theory
S.KryslHodge theory of symplectic manifolds
L.ZalabovaSymmetries of parabolic contact structures

Mikulov, 29 - 30 May 2009:

ECC Meeting in Mikulov

Brno, 30 May 2008:

S.AmstrongI: Cone constructions for Grassmannian structures
T.SalacCasimir operators
V.SoucekOn Verma modules homomorphisms
S.AmstrongII: 6-dimensional distributions on a 9-dimensional manifold
A.CapOn symplectic holonomies

Brno, 14 Mar 2008:

Van Le HongIsolation phenomena
V. SoučekNormalizations suitable for prolongation procedures
S. ArmstrongExamples of non-exceptional 2-graded geometries
A. CapCompact examples of holonomies from |1|-graded algebra
B. DoubrovDistributions of dimensions two and three
J. SlovákOn the free distributions

Brno, 14 Dec 2007:

S. ArmstrongNon-regular 2-graded parabolic geometries and some other zero-homogeneity parabolic geometry, including those with \kappa_0
M. HammerlA natural deformation of tractor conections
P. SombergOn Juhl's conjectures and homomorphisms of generalized Verma modules

Brno, 12 Oct 2007:

S. GelbartOn Langlands' Notions of an Automorphic Form
J. SilhanCommuting linear operators and algebraic decompositions
A. Cap, V. SoucekCurved Casimir Operators I, II

Brno, 1 June 2007:

S. ArmstrongOn the Courant bracket on tractor bundles
S. KryslOn the symplectic Dirac operator
A. DamianoGL(k) invariants and Dirac operator in several variables ("joggling with Young diagrams")
M. KrbekIwasawa decomposition of Lorentz algebra
A. CapRigidity of hermitean symmetric space - origin of the problem

Brno, 20 April 2007:

S. KryslRelation of spectra of symplectic Dirac and Rarita-Schwinger operator
A. GalaevHolonomy of supermanifolds
J. JanyskaStructures on odd dimensional manifolds
S. ArmstrongGeneralized Einstein condition for parabolic geometries
J. SilhanOn the splitting operators in parabolic geometries

Brno, 16 March 2007:

P. MichorNeretin Geodesics leading to computable geodesic distance in vision
P. FranekMultivariable Dirac operator
S. ArmstrongHolonomy of conformal, projective and related structures

Brno, 13 October 2006:

J. SilhanConformal Killing equation on forms
L. VokrinekInterpolation of smooth manifolds
V. SoucekHigher symmetries of the Dirac operator
A. CapCharacterization of Fefferman spaces