Ilias Amrani: Grothendiek's Ho­motopy Hypothesis

Ilias Amrani: A Model Structure on the Category of Topological Categories

Ilias Amrani: Stabilization of the Category of Simpicial Objects in CAT

Ilias Amrani: Homotopy Theory of T-Algebras over CAT_TOP

Ilias Amrani: Moduli Space of Fibrations in the Category of Simplicial Presheaves

Ilias Amrani: Comparing commutative and associative unbounded ifferential graded algebras over Q from homotopical point of view

Ilias Armani: The mapping space of unbounded differential graded algebras

Natalia Bezvitnaya: Holonomy algebras of pseuddo-hyper-Kählerian manifolds of index 4

Martin Čadek, Jiří Matoušek, Marek Krčál, Lukáš Vokřínek, Uli Wagner: Extending Continuous Maps: Polynomiality and Undecidability

Martin Čadek, Jiří Matoušek, Marek Krčál, Lukáš Vokřínek, Uli Wagner: Polynomial-time computation of homotopy groups and Postnikov systems in fixed dimension

Anton S. Galaev, Examples of Einstein spacetimes with recurrent null vector fields

Anton S. Galaev, Conformally flat Lorentzian manifolds with special holonomy groups

Anton S. Galaev, A note on holonomy groups of pseudo-Riemannian manifolds

Anton Galaev: Some applications of the Lorentzian holonomy algebras

Jan Gregorovič, Lenka Zalabová: On automorphisms with natural tangent actions on homogeneous parabolic geometries

Martin Kolář, Bernhard Lamel: Holomorphic Equivalence and Nonlinear Symmetries of Ruled Hypersurfaces in C2

Martin Kolář, Bernhard Lamel:On smooth hypersurfaces of infinite type

Maritn Kolář, Francine Meylan: A classification of generalized rotations in C3

Martin Kolář, Francine Meylan: Automorhism groups of Levi degenerate hypersurfaces in C3

Martin Kolář, Francine Meylan: On nonlinear symmetries of polynomial models

Martin Kolář, Francine Meylan, Dmitri Zaitsev: Chern-Moser operators and polynomial models in CR geometry

Michael Makkai, Jiri Rosicky: Cellular categories

Michael Makkai, Jiri Rosicky, Lukas Vokrinek: On a fat small object argument

Boris Doubrov, Alexandr Medvedev: Fundamental invariants of systems of ODEs of higher order

Alexandr Medvedev: On the geometry of conformal geodesics equations

Ales Návrat: Nonstandard operators in Grassmannian geometry

Fernando Muro, Oriol Raventós: Transifinite Adams representability

Oriol Raventós: Comparación de localizaciones a través de adjunciones

Alexandru Stanculescu: Complements on enriched precategories

Alexandru Stanculescu: On some new model category structures from old, on the same underlying category


Anton Galaev: Conformally flat Lorentizian manifolds with special holonomy groups

Martin Kolář: Levi degenerate hypersurfaces and Chern-Moser theory

Jiří Rosický: Are weak equivalences finitely accessible?

Alexandr Medvedev: Conformal geodesics and geometry of the 3rd order ODEs systems

Oriol Raventós: Representabilidad de Adams transfinita

Oriol Raventós: Obstruction theory for the representability of cohomological functors