Dedicated to the memory of Štefan Schwabik

October 14 – 17, 2010, Křtiny, Czech Republic

List of Registered Participants

Surname, name City, country Email address
1. Afonso, SuzeteSão Paulo,
Boundedness of solutions of retarded functional differential equations with variable impulses via generalized ordinary differential equations
2. Barbanti, LucianoSão Paulo,
Generalized Riemann-Stieltjes integral equations on time scales
3. Bartušek, MiroslavBrno, Czech
4. Baštinec, JaromírBrno, Czech
5. Bereanu, CristianBucharest,
Periodic solutions of pendulum-like perturbations of singular and bounded phi-Laplacian
6. Boček, LeoPraha, Czech
7. Bočková, JanaPraha, Czech
8. Bognár, GabriellaMiskolc,
9. Boichuk, AleksandrKyiv,
10. Caponetti, DianaPalermo,
11. Cichoń, MieczysławPoznań,
Dynamic equations and non-absolute integrals in Banach spaces
12. Čermák, JanBrno, Czech
A note on asymptotic stability conditions for a three-term linear difference equation
13. Čížek, JiříPlzeň, Czech
14. Damasceno, Berenice C.São Paulo,
Probability and measure theory on time scales
15. Diblík, JosefBrno, Czech
16. Di Piazza, LuisaPalermo,
Invited lecture: Variational measures in the theory of integration
17. Došlá, ZuzanaBrno, Czech
Boundary value problems on infinite intervals for second order differential equations
18. Došlý, OndřejBrno, Czech
19. Drábek, PavelPlzeň, Czech
Plenary lecture: The second eigenfunction of the p-Laplacian on the planar disc
20. Fabian, MarianPraha, Czech
On the coincidence of Pettis and McShane integrals and Hilbert generated spaces
21. Federson, MárciaSão Paulo,
Invited lecture: Linear FDEs in the frame of Generalized ODEs: a justification for using Kurzweil equations
22. Fernandes de Oliveira, Luis AntônioSão Paulo,
Clarke's generalized gradient of locally Lipschitz integral functional: Dushnik sense
23. Figueroa, RubénSantiago de Compostela,
Discontinuous differential equations with deviated arguments depending on the unknown
24. Fišnarová, SimonaBrno, Czech
Perturbation principle and Riccati technique in oscillation criteria for half-linear differential equations
25. Fraňková, DanaBuštěhrad, Czech
26. Godoy, JaquelineSão Paulo,
Averaging method for impulsive functional differential equations: a new approach
27. Győri, IstvánVeszprém,
Plenary lecture: Sharp results on the growth and decay rates in population model equations
28. Hakl, RobertBrno, Czech
Invited lecture: Combined variational-topological approach for dispersion-managed solitons in optical fibers
29. Hartung, FerencVeszprém,
30. Hasil, PetrBrno, Czech
Critical oscillation constant for half-linear differential equations with periodic coefficients
31. Horváth, LászlóVeszprém,
32. Jarník, JiříPraha, Czech
33. Jaroš, JaroslavBratislava,
Invited lecture: Picone-type identities in comparison theory of nonlinear equations
34. Kaufmann, Pedro L.São Paulo,
On two-dimensional nonabsolute integration
35. Krejčová, JanaBrno, Czech
36. Kubiaczyk, IreneuszPoznań,
37. Kurzweil, JaroslavPraha, Czech
Plenary lecture: Generalized differential equations
38. Liz, EduardoVigo,
Invited lecture: Bubbles, chaos, and the Hydra effect in delayed population models
39. Liška, PetrBrno, Czech
40. Malý, JanPraha, Czech
Invited lecture: New nonabsolutely convergent integrals
41. Marraffa, ValeriaPalermo,
42. Mařík, RobertBrno, Czech
Picone type inequality for half-linear differential operators with anisotropic p-Laplacian
43. Maslowski, BohdanPraha, Czech
Invited lecture: Linear stochastic PDEs with fractional noise
44. Mawhin, JeanBelgium,
Plenary lecture: Periodic solutions of generalized ordinary differential equations
45. Medveď, MilanBratislava,
Invited lecture: Asymptotic integration of nonlinear Φ-Laplacian differential equations
46. Milota, JaroslavPraha, Czech
47. Monteiro, GiselleSão Carlos,
Generalized linear differential equations in a Banach space: Continuous dependence on a parameter
48. Musiał, KazimierzWrocław,
Invited lecture: A decomposition of Henstock-Kurzweil-Pettis integrable multifunctions
49. Muldowney, PatrickLondonderry,
Plenary lecture: Feynman diagrams
50. Neuman, FrantišekBrno, Czech
51. Pituk, MihályVeszprém,
52. Petzeltová, HanaPraha, Czech
Regularity and long time behavior of a non-local phase separation system
53. Rachůnková, IrenaOlomouc, Czech
Plenary lecture: Singular second-order boundary value problem on an unbounded domain
54. Rontó, AndrásBrno, Czech
55. Rosenberg, JiříBrno, Czech
56. Řehák, PavelBrno, Czech
Asymptotic properties of solutions to second order dynamic equations in the framework of regular variation with emphasis on q-calculus case
57. Řezníčková, JanaZlín, Czech
Oscillation properties of the half-linear differential equations
58. Sikorska-Nowak, AnetaPoznań,
Dynamic equations $x^{(\Delta m)}(t)=f(t,x(t))$ on time scales
59. Simon, LászlóBudapest,
60. Simon, PeterBudapest,
61. Stará, JanaPraha, Czech
62. Svoboda, ZdeněkBrno, Czech
System of linear differential equations of second order with constant coefficients and constant delay
63. Šarmanová, PetraOstrava, Czech
64. Šimon Hilscher, RomanBrno, Czech
Sturmian theory for abnormal linear Hamiltonian systems
65. Šremr, JiříBrno, Czech
66. Talvila, ErikChilliwack,
Distributional integrals
67. Toon, EduardSão Paulo,
Autonomous functional differential equations in the frame of generalized ODEs
68. Tvrdý, MilanPraha, Czech
69. Veselý, MichalBrno, Czech
70. Vrkoč, IvoPraha, Czech
71. Zamora, ManuelGranada,
On periodic solution of second-order differential equation with singularities
72. Zemánek, PetrBrno, Czech
Overview of Weyl-Titchmarsh theory for second order Sturm-Liouville equations on time scales
73. Zima, Mirosława Rzeszów,
Resonant and non-resonant nonlocal fourth order boundary value problems